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Thanksgiving Weekend at East Chapel Hill High School Hanes Theater

Things That Happen Thanksgiving Weekend


  • Little Angel Parents polish horns and fix wings (bring rubber gloves)

  • Party Kid Parents fix dolls

  • Ginger Kid Parents cut 128 red felt Ginger cheek stickers (bring scissors!)


  • Anyone with sewing skills helps with costume repair


  • Anyone with crafty skills helps with prop repair


  • Cast Photos and Backstage Passes are distributed


  • Task and Green Room Sign-up sheets are completed


  • EVERYONE helps unload and reload the storage truck


  • Soloists, share your tempo preference with Maestro McAfee


  • Snow costume fittings continue



  • Please arrive and depart promptly. We are charged for extra theater time.

  • It's COLD in the theater!

  • With no sitters and teachers busy, please supervise your own child. Please do not drop your child and leave. Or, arrange for another parent to supervise them

  • There are many ways for kids to find trouble. 12 foot drop into the orchestra pit on to concrete is one!​

  • NO PLAYING in Orchestra, Band, or Choir rooms and of course

  • NO touching the instruments

  • No food or drink in carpeted areas. If you spill we can get charged for cleaning.

  • YES set up a blanket in the auditorium to play quietly with friends until your part!





This is to ensure everyone has all their pieces and that everything fits for the performances


No make up is necessary this weekend since we aren't working on stage lights, but if you want to practice, feel free. Senior company members will be happy to help.

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