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​For the 2023 season are the third Wednesday in August for advanced dancers over age 12​ and the third Saturday in September for dancers over age 8

How the auditions are judged: Open Auditions are held before a panel of judges who are unaware of who has performed with us before. Dancers are ranked according to their technical level, their ability to learn combinations quickly and their stage presence.


What to do: Come early to stretch and feel comfortable. You will be given a class and steps to do. There is no need to prepare a combination or bring video tapes. Smile a lot!!


What to wear: Girls- pink tights and ballet slippers. Hair should be up. If are wearing warm-ups, you will be asked to take them off. If auditioning for the senior company, bring your pointe shoes. And of course, no jewelry and no gum. Boys-black tights, either black or white shoes and solid color t-shirt or leotard.


How you are notified:
 Results will be posted within 48 hours


If you are accepted: You are expected at each and every rehearsal between now and the performance. Please don’t audition and take the part away from someone who can make all rehearsals if you know that you have an important family event that will take you away for a weekend.

Audition Results

Thank you all for auditioning!!For the first time in a very long time we can happily say that all who auditioned on September 24 are invited to perform in this year's Nutcracker!


However, since it has been a while since we have done this and since many of you have never done this before, we thought we would reiterate the commitment policy.


There are no excused absences for other commitments or travel.

This has been rigorously adhered to since 1995.Several families did not audition this year because they knew they had other commitments.


If your name is on the list and you are unavailable to participate this year, please email​as soon as possible.

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