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Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements

and What to Bring

Dancers provide their own shoes and tights as detailed below. Some roles require shoes to be dyed/decorated.

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Senior Company Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements

  • Pointe shoes (more than one pair)

  • Pink convertible tights

  • Tea, Mechanical Soldier & Mouse King: black shoes

  • Chocolate: black character shoes

  • Arabian: foot socks or sandal soles and nude tights (not shiny)

  • Recommended nude leotard

  • Bun right behind your nose. If it's higher, your snow or halo won't sit right, if it's too low tiaras look funny. Real boys, real hair- so easy.

Junior Company Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements

  • Pink tights.

  • Tea caddies & soldiers need black ballet shoes

  • Chocolate Chips need black tights and black 1.5 inch character shoes

  • Mirlitons and Guardian Angels need pointe shoes

  • Russian/Peppermint TBD

  • Mice: pointe shoes (to be dyed gray)

  • Recommended nude leotard

  • Soldiers and mice, low buns to make sure they are'nt in the way of your hats and heads. Chocolate/Tea/Peppermints/

       Mirlitons- low bun, no part, no.    


Party Kid

Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements

More Info HERE

Party hair can be ordered HERE

Recommended nude leotard



PARTY GIRLS: White or pink canvas ballet slippers (will be painted and decorated to match your dress)

Sometimes there is a match in the costume bin, if not, please submit shoes for decoration in the TYB lobby during costume week. Paint can make the shoes shrink a bit, so buy a half size larger if in doubt


PARTY BOYS: Black ballet or jazz shoes


PARTY GIRLS: Ballet pink tights

PARTY BOYS: White tights


PARTY GIRLS: Pull into a neat bun (no wisps!) using gel or hairspray. This is best done at home. Then attach curls at the theatre. Please be considerate using hairspray in the dressing room! Fasten with bobby pins in an "X" formation. Bangs or no bangs is up to you! Wigs can be found at or Sunny's Beauty Supply on University drive in Durham. Start looking ealy to ensure curls by picture day _____________. 

PARTY BOYS: Girls pretending to be brothers: A smooth and neat french braid (no wispies!) tucked under at the nape of the neck and fastened securely. If your hair is too short, small pony tail. Again, this is best done at home before the performance. Real Boys, real hair. You may need to use some hair product to keep it from flying around too much. 


Party kids just need eye liner, blush, lipstick, and a touch of eye shadow. Need help? A junior or senior company parent will be happy to help! Just ask.

GIRLS: Red Lipstick

BOYS: Brownish Lipstick

Ginger Kid

Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements


Pink or White canvas ballet shoes (to be dyed Ginger)


Sometimes there is a match in the costume bin, if not, please submit shoes for decoration in the TYB lobby during costume week. Paint can make the shoes shrink a bit, so buy a half size larger if in doubt.


Pink Tights


Recommended nude leotard


low buns

Little Angel

Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements


  • Pink ballet shoes

  • Pink Tights

  • Recommended nude leotard


Hair should be worn with the top half pulled back tightly into a band or barrette to give a good base for bobby pinning hte halo in place. Then French braid your hair and tuck it under to not show if it's long, or keep it in a low ponytail. No buns because they ake comical little door know looking thingies under the veils.

Party Parents

Dancewear/Hair/and Makeup Requirements


Real men, real hair. Real women, fake hair. Or use your own, but remember the magical Dickens era and use braids and buns and ringlets and hair nets. With all the lovely fake hair on your "daughters", you want to keep up!


Red Cast is responsible for their costume. Wear a nude or light colored leotard under your costume. Please be considerate to the costumes and your costume share partner and wear deodorant even if you don't think you need it. Costumes are precious, and costly to replace. They should always be promptly put back on a hanger, never on the floor or draped over a chair. Never eat or drink in cosstume, always cover up. Take off the costume after each performance. Need some tailoring or a repair? Visit the sewing ladies in the women's dressing room backstage, or ask _______________

A Note About Hair Products:

Gels and mousse work great, and hair spray is your friend, but dressing rooms are crowded, so spray in an out of the way, well ventilated spot not to get in the eyes and noses of others. Bobby pins should be used in pairs making x's. No headpiece should ever fall off, EVER, that would be bobby pin user error, and really we should all be able to master the bobby pin. Hair nets should be on all buns.

Stage Make-Up

In regular lighting, your face is defined by where the light hits your features and where the shadows fall. On stage, light hits you from all directions and you have no shadows, so you look flat and washed out. Up close, stage make-up isn't so attractive.

Here is an example of where to apply highlights and shading to your face.

Red lips for girls, brownish red for men and only the center inch of the lips.

Outline the eye features. False eyelashes are a quick and easy way to give dimension to your eyes. Don't close the eye liner at the outside edge, just extend out parallel with a slight lift up. Eye shadows should be earth tones. A soft line of brown shadow under the jaw helps to define the face as well. Below is an example of where to apply highlights and shadows. Play with it at home and give it a whirl at tech rehearsals.

This was a makeup tutorial from the YouTube but it comes up "private" when I try to link.

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