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Photo Day

*if you are doing individual photos, please have 3 poses prepared*

Sunday November 5


2:30-2:40- Angels (use small studio as changing room

2:40-2:50- Party Parents  (use girls and boys dressing rooms)

2:50-3:00- Ginger Kids (use small studio as changing room)

3:10-4:00- Individual photos for the above groups

4:00-4:10- Senior co (use small studio as dressing room

4:15-4:25- Junior co (use girls and boys dressing rooms)

4:25-5:00- Individual photos for the above groups

*We may interrupt individual photos to stay on schedule with group photos

Things to Remember on Photo Day

  • Party adults, Ginger kids and Angels wear costumes for their group photos

  • Everyone else wears a leotard with ballet tights or black tights with white T shirt for men. Perfect hair and light make-up.

  • Bring your costume AND any shared costumes (your share partner may want a photo in it even if you don't.

  • No food or drinks

  • NO CAMERAS IN THE PHOTO ROOM- Bringing your camera into the room where the professional photographer is set up, is like going to a restaurant and bringing your own food. Please don't.


  • Be on time! There will be no shots re-taken or missing people added with Photoshop.



Group pictures are $17.00, payable to the Triangle Youth Ballet and will be available for pick-up Thanksgiving Weekend. Advanced order info available soon.

Proofs of individual pictures will be sent to your email.

Package prices vary. These photos are purchased directly through Photo Specialties.

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