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Theater Etiquette and Theater Terms

Theater Etiquette and Expectations

TYB rents facilities for performances and must leave them clean and in good order.


  • Arrive on time, calm and ready to go with all your things

  • ALWAYS come in the STAGE DOOR

  • Go straight to your dressing room- If we need to find you, that is the only place we will look

  • Go back to your dressing room after performing or eating

  • Dressing room items like chairs must be placed back where they were

  • Never eat or drink in the dressing rooms other than water in a spill proof water bottle. The Green Room has space for eating and drinking

  • NEVER eat or drink in costumeIf you bring snacks to rehearsals, clean up after yourself. Otherwise TYB staff must stay to pick up snack wrappers and bottles or sweep up spilled snacks.

  • Never write on the Carolina Theatre walls unless the theatre has asked TYB to do so.

  • The Carolina Theatre requires dancers to have closed toe shoes, dance shoes are fine

  • The Carolina Theatre is a historic building and has many special regulations. If you have any questions about items that may be brought to the theatre, please ask the Director.

  • Watch the video screens backstage and listen to the music to anticipate your queues. Be in the wings and prepared for your queue.

  • Stay SILENT in the wings

  • Keep your dressing room neat and clean. Hang up costumes and put away makeup.

  • When backstage, if you can see the audience then they can see you. Pay attention and stay out of sight

  • NEVER touch theater equipment (lights, curtains, etc.). Be respectful of the requests of the crew and stay out of their way.

  • ALWAYS thank the orchestra members. They add immensely to our production and we are lucky to have them!

  • If a parent or adult gives you a cue or reminder, thank them and be polite. NEVER talk back

  • If you interact with younger members of the cast, please ensure that your language and the content of subject matter you are discussing is age appropriate. Older dancers are role models for younger dancers and should always act accordingly

  • DO NOT TOUCH other people’s belongings and props that specific to your role.

Glossary of Theater Terms


  • CALL - When to arrive at the theatre.

  • TECH REHEARSAL - With all dancers IN COSTUME, the crew practices making the magic happen with lights, sound, special effects, props, sets and flying back drops.

  • BLOCKING - Rehearsal involving where to stand and when to stand there. In dance, it means to gauge all dance steps and choreography to finish in exact spots, making geometrical designs on stage.

  • HOUSE- Where the audience sits and w​here you never go in costume or make-up

  • LOBBY- Where you never go in costume or make-up

  • DECK- The actual stage

  • WINGS - Area to the side of the stage where you enter and exit, but NEVER hang out to watch the show.

  • LEGS- Black curtains hanging on the sides of the stage that you NEVER touch while making the entrances and exits.

  • MAIN RAG- Large red velvet curtain that costs thousands of dollars and is nearly impossible to have cleaned. Take extra care to NEVER touch it. Body oil, sweat and make-up will damage it, but NEVER from TYB dancers, because we have a reputation of behaving professionally.

  • STAGE DOOR- Your door! Backstage, not into the lobby. That front door is for our guests, you are special, so please come in the stage door like all professionals do.

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