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What to Bring

Thanksgiving weekend and both performance weekendsHint: Leave it all in your car so it will never be left at home!

  • WATER BOTTLE that doesn't spill!  EVERYONE.  Bring spares to share.

  •  Dry, clean snacks

  •  Parent cell number on a post-it note in your child's make up kit 

  •  Makeup remover wipes, kleenex, baby wipes, paper towels

  •  YOUR OWN make up and hair supplies (no sharing)

  •  Hair done AT HOME according to instructions on website

  •  Extra hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray

  •  Variety of independent activities during extended down time

  •  Chargers for electronics (but remember there is no security!)

  •  Group activities- card games, mad libs, etc

  •  Nude or light color leotard for under costumes to make changing easier

  •  Extra tights

  •  Coverups like sweats, robes

  •  Safety pins, scissors, pens

  •  Blanket to sit on

  •  BIG bin or bag for everything

  •  Kids will often exchange trinkets /nominal gifts

  •  Label everything!

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