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If your costume needs attention:

You can do minor repairs, remember to use a thread that does NOT match exactly and you use larger stitches to help if the your fix needs to be removed for a more permanent repair later.


You can spot wash with spray and wash for make up stains.


You can wash on gentle cycle just about everything but make sure it is the only thing being washed to avoid color bleed.


If it is dry clean only, hang in the open air. You can spritz with vodka or febreeze.

What to do on Saturday night? (from '23)

All costumes need to stay in a set and here is the list of who is taking what away:


Angel wings/horns/halos - Elizabeth Bonitz to tyb

Ginger kids - Elizabeth Bonitz to tyb

Mother ginger - Carol Uphoff to tyb

Party dads /arab att. - Jim Shank to tyb and dry cleaners

Party moms - Pat Miguez to dry cleaners

Party mom acc & hoops - Maren and Hanna to tyb

Maids - Audrey Mann to tyb

Party girls - Bethany Schneider to tyb

Party boys - Bethany Schneider to tyb

Angel bodices - Alexandra Bokinsky to dry cleaners

Angel skirts - Sameiha Abdelgawad to tyb

Soldiers - Kristen Seawell to tyb and dry cleaners

Mice Jennifer - Peterson to tyb

Chocolate - Julie Berkowitz to tyb

Tea caddies - Kristen Seawell to dry cleaners

Peppermints - Linden Thayer to tyb

Guardian angels - Lindsay Parker to tyb

Snowflakes - Sydney Culp to tyb

Flowers Dawn Odom to tyb

Platter tutus Hannah Porterfield to tyb (8 total)

Columbine Alexandra Bokinsky to dry cleaners

Mech soldier Alexandra Bokinsky to dry cleaners

Bunny Alexandra Bokinsky to dry cleaners

Mouse king (jacket) Alexandra Bokinsky to dry cleaners

Governess goes with party moms to dry cleaners

Dross and Cav. - Kate Currin to tyb

Junior headpiece box - Cat Cooper to tyb

Senior headpiece box -Cindy Villani

Tiara case - Avery Tortora to tyb


If you have a laundry load to TYB, and would like to do some laundry, email Lauren for instructionsIf you have dry cleaning, please get it to McPhersons by Tuesday. They are expecting their bags and our costumes by then. AND THANK YOU FOR HELPING WITH THIS HUGE TASK!!!

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